About George

George Elta Lamson credits his 22-year military career (with the Marine Corps, Army and Air Force) for extensive opportunities to live and travel throughout the world. Experiencing parts of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and the Caribbean has given him images that daily influence his art.

After his military career, Mr Lamson studied watercolor painting in the southwestern United States, printmaking in Italy and received a Fine Arts Degree with concentration on oil painting from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He was active in the art community of San Antonio where he owned an art gallery, taught painting classes and supervised an arts and crafts center.

He spent five years as an arts and crafts director in Misawa, Japan where he met his wife, Sharon Wylie who was teaching for the Department of Defense. They moved to Okinawa where their life revolved around school and art. George's art expressed his special bond with the people and natural beauty of Okinawa.

The couple returned to San Antonio in 2002 where George divides his time between studio and plein air painting. He is active with the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, Japanese-American Society, Outdoor Painters Society and the San Antonio Watercolor Group.